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Warranty & Service

We are the Australian Forestriver Distributor , this means we are backed by one of the largest if not the largest RV Manufacturer in the USA ,where 5thWheels began.

There is no doubt about our Australian Warranties, we have done the homework to save you any heartache down the track.

Australia wide 1 year factory Warranty.

All Appliances installed here or overseas carry Australian certification & our Australian Warranty.
The Option of the ActivRv Customer Care Plan 5 year Extended Warranty

Free call 1800 number direct to us we are not just an agent selling a product, we really know these vans.

That’s why our Forestriver Wildcats, for example, have up to 20% better resale than other 5th wheels.

Can I drive a 5th Wheel combination with a normal car licence?

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(Canberra is the only state with different laws regarding licensing, when towing a 5th wheeler.)

The vehicles you can drive with a standard NSW car licence, or “C” Class licence is determined by the Gross Vehicle Mass or ( GVM ) of that vehicle. A “C” Class licence permits the driving of ‘a motor vehicle weighing up to 4500kg Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or less, with or without a trailer (that complies with its weight rating).’

Many tow vehicles used with 5th Wheelers have a GVM under 4500kg and can be driven with a C class license.

The latest CHEV, GMC, Dodge and Fords have a GVM over 4500 kg and need a LR or MR licence which is a reasonably easy upgrade to your license, these vehicles can tow 5th wheelers up to a staggering 7 tonne, If registered as a short combination.

The listed Japanese vehicles are for ultra light 5th wheelers in most cases only up to 3.5 tonne.
Tow Vehicle examples:

  • Ford F 250
  • Chev Silverado
  • Dodge RAM
  • Iveco Daily 50C18
  • Isuzu D-Max,
  • Nissan Navara,
  • Ford Ranger,
  • Mazda BT50,
  • Holden Colorado,
  • Landcruiser,
  • Nissan Patrol
How easy are fifth wheelers to tow?

Compared to other types of trailers they are very easy. This is because the pivot point of the trailer is over or very close to the rear axle of the tow vehicle.

Is an LP Gas Furnace Legal?

Yes. A USA Manufactured LP Gas furnace can be used in Australia as long as it meets Australian Gas Association Standards.

What does “Built for Australia” entail? Some 5th wheeler Dealers are simply purchasing USA units from any where . These units are not built for our roads and standards, they are importing them and just doing the basic modifications to appear to comply.

This is where the industry needs to move away from.

To us this is not only heartbreaking for people to lose their savings, these units are not going to last!

Why is a ActivRV 5th wheeler more stable then other types of trailers?

A fifth wheeler down loads approximately 20% of its load into tow vehicle giving great stability We also have stronger chassis & better suspension than most other types of trailers.

Why we recess our awnings on full body fifth wheelers?

We build the Forest River range of fifth wheelers to a body width of 8ft so when we recess the awning this keeps all the interior space that you need in walk ways & bathrooms etc. All our units are still under the legal Australian width of 8’ 2 1/2” or 2500 mm. There is simply no need to rob you of interior space! Just good old fashion “ingenuity ”