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Our interest in owning American vehicles began in the 1960s and this led us to start a business, importing them into Australia. In order to keep the vehicles as close to original as possible, we started converting them to Right-Hand-Drive ourselves.

This commitment to the product led us to obtain compliance from the Federal Office of Road Safety in 1989, and our business Australian Compliance Conversion was born. We continued in this business, selecting and purchasing vehicles, to our customer’s requirements and satisfaction until 2000.

We purchased and fell love with our first Fifth Wheel on one of our trips to the USA,in the 90’s,

We were soon convinced that it was the best form of recreational vehicle available after using it on holiday, so we shipped it back home to try it out here in Australia.

To our delight its unique pivot coupling arrangement made it very safe on Australian roads. In fact, van sway is a thing of the past with a 5th Wheel.

We were even more delighted to discover how easy it was to set up once we had arrived at our destination.

Unloading from the drive vehicle is possible at the press of a button (no jockey wheel to contend with), and at the press of a second button the slide expands your living area into a home away from home.

Since these early days, just as we done with the USA vehicle conversions we have worked to offer the strongest most legal and worry free 5th wheel to our customers, improving the product for Australia right at the manufacturing level with our affiliation with the largest manufacturer of Towables in the USA, Forest River.

We hope that after you peruse our website you will agree with us when we say that these 5th wheelers are very special.

Please contact us if you are interested in viewing what we have to offer, as we would love to show you our units.

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have and we will look forward to hearing from you.

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